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2005 Daily Drool Christmas Card Exchange Display
Week of 12/26/05
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The Winstanley Clan 2005 Card

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Welcome to the fourth and final page of the 2005 Howliday Card Exchange.
This page will display any new cards we receive.

Gracie, Albert, Scully & Sophie, owners of Denise Rozell & Candice Spock, of MD.
Nina, Thunder, Bonnie, Nora  & Romeo Nina, Thunder, Bonnie, Nora and Romeo, owners of Lisa Fieldman, of PA.
Our card is late, but we're still cute Ruby, Prince & Nellie, owners of the Brigance - Niver - Smith Family, of OR.
You want to sleep where? Newton, Fred, Gus, Hogan, King & Potter, owners of Eleanor Folk, of KS.
Posted late, (my fault), but still cute Bobby, Fred & Earl, owners of The Thomases, of WA.
Bassalope Max, owner of the Parsons, of TN.
Thank you Suanne.  You've got your own web page featuring the Houndy Happenings 2006.  Click the photo to Houndy Happenings 2006. Jack, not the owner of Suanne Benowitz, of NJ. We're giving this card it's own web page, for all the Droolers to use as their 2006 social reference for scheduled events. Thanks Suanne.
Click Houndy Happenings 2006.
Snow Bassets Copper, Buddy, Wilbur & Duncan, owners of Barb & Neal Sorensen, of MN.

The Lartigue houndage, owners of Michael & Linda, of FL.
No names sent with card These fur-kids came un-named, owners of Lisa Beggs, of CA.
Dibs! Gus & Tallulah, owners of Patty Crawford, of WA.
Santa Paws Buford & Fuse, owners of Michelle & Todd Howell, of IA.
Boy, Santa Paws really gets around Otis, Jake & Hannah, owners of The Whitehorns, of AL.
This card came off list from a Drooler request. Meet Stoney Stoney, owner of Denise Dochnahl, of CA.
Say hello to the Hamilton Hounds and a wannabe Droopy, Willow & Raley, owners of Beth, John & Dylan Hamilton, of CA.
One of our Basset cards from Canada, Stella Stella, owner of Barb Relke, of Saskatchewan, Canada.
The Goose Gaggle Giggle Bailey, Toby, Brie, Babe, Ginger & Mell w/ Sherman the c@t, owners of Bob and Amanda, of NY.
Emma D. Freckle Fairy (ATB) JP & Alexa Paul, thank you for the Reindeer pen. Healing Drool on your losses this year.
Santa Paws Lizzy & Darcy, owners of Clyde, Sherry & Chris, of AZ.
Are these OK Bassets, or they Bassets from OK? Bruiser, Walter & Emma, owners of Bob & Terri Wilkerson, of OK.
The Iacobeli Hounds Flash, Spencer & Jasmine, owners of Beth & Ralph Iacobelli, of NJ.
Happy Holidays Wendell, Probert & Bailey, owners of Heather Moon, of IL.
Santa has a lap full. The spoiled Bassets of SC. No houndie names provided.
Alot of red there. Freckles, Ben & Misty Bleue (ATB), owners of The Haunsteins.
Watkins' Bassets This set of fur-kids, is owned by Nikki Watkins, of MI. No fur-kid names listed. They're still cute.
Chimney Watch Betsie & Maxwell, owners of Steve & Amy Moreland.
Who's chilly? Kirby, owner of a Drooler from CO. This card came in a multi-pak, and no name is on the back.

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