The Winstanley Clan
2005 Daily Drool Christmas Card Exchange Display
Week of 12/12/05
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The Winstanley Clan 2005 Card

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Welcome to page two, week of 12/12/05.


I really get wrapped up in the howlidays! Harry Pawtear, owner of Sara Watson, of CA.
Christmas pearls Pw Boey Anne, owner of Bill & June Morgan, of IN.
Happy houndies George E Grunt & Lucy, owners of Kay Jordan, of TX.
The Johnson Hounds Daisy, Brannigan & Kaylee, owners of Bernie & Line Johnson, of NY.
Lean on me... Mowgli & Baloo
What every world traveler is wearing this year Panama Jacques, owner of Sherrilyn Wilson, residing generally south of alot of borders.
Wake me when Santa Paws gets here. LilyGurl, owner of The Mayers, of OH.
bassetaholic disease, from having too many houndies, or maybe is it not having enough? Bumpers, Delilah, Jezzie, Frannie & Elvis, owners of Philip & Elisa Rodgers.
This photo is a 10.  Great job Beth! Pw Annie & Teddy, owners of Beth, of OH.
Is that Jasmine in the middle, or is Ben the sonDOg wearing a pink collar? Bob the DOg, Ben the sonDOg & Jasmine, owners of Bob & Kathy Nali, of WA.
WOOF to you Sheba & Gussy, owners of Pat Chambers, of PA.
Now there's a clan Maggie, Gracie, Lucy, Kimmie & Ally, owners of Mary Marston, of LA.
Beautiful picture Abby & Kaylee, owners of Beth Fuller, of AL.
Best buddies Otis & Charlie, owners of Tracy Pellish, of CA.
A real cutie pie Trey - C, owner of Wesley & Londa, of GA.
Front View
Buster Brown, owner of Patricia, of NJ.
Three houndies Pw Xandy Bear, Huggie Bear & Moosie Bear, owners of Sharon & Glenn, of NY.
Yea, I'm here. Woodie, owner of Dale & Susie Kinzer, of WA.
Front View
Zephyr, Romeo ATB, & Juliette, owners of Bob & Donna Funk, of NJ.
That's cute! Brendan & Hailey, owners of Sabrina & Allan Nicholls, of CA.
No slaves allowed on this bed. Doc, Dudley, Marshmallow & Munchkin Gordon, owners of Don & Shelly Gordon, of NY.
Snooze time Truman & Sadie, owners of Steve & Joan Conrad, of IA.
Here's looking at you. Beulah & Timmy, owners of Ron & Pat Bellinger, of IL.
Not much snow here. The Fillyah's Bassets. Drooling from GA.
BIG CARD! Nudge & Cakie, owners of our Tri-State friends, Dawn & Rich of NJ.
Sweet Buttons, (center), went to the bridge earlier this year.  A proud houndette making her final trip to Mishgun. JB, Buttons ATB, & Buddy, owners of two dear friends of ours, Cyndi & John Grove, of NJ.
Can't you see I'm busy? Gertie, owner of the Shroyers, of OH.
Sweethearts Henry & Belle, owners of Jim & Jackie Schonewolf, of NJ.
Turkey is to die for. Bently, owner of Andrea Ditchfield, of Calgary, AB, Canada.
What a handsome Basset Truman, owner of Karen & Jim Gelston, of PA.
Another homemade card from the home of twelve Iowa hounds.
The 12 Iowa hounds, owners of Mike & Cindy Foxhoven, of IA.
Nice pair Duchess & Yuki, owners of Michael & Vicki Kong, of CA.
Snow Basset Nikki & Jasmine, owners of Tom & Jo Edwards, of CA.
Who's a wannabe? Suzy & Shaggy, owners of Dan, Nadia & Olivia Irvin, of CA.
Rocky & Vinny Rocky & Vinny, owners of Vicki Zehring, of PA.
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Toby & Hadley, owners of Nancy Schaefer, of NY.
Droolers be thankful, for the card is homemade. Morgan, owner of Lyn McEnaney, of NV.
Fine Art by Pam Tanzey
Duncan, Phoebe & Mystie Blue
Pw Phoebe & Pw Mystie Blue, owners of Pam Tanzey, of NV.

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