The Winstanley Clan
2005 Daily Drool Christmas Card Exchange Display
Week of 12/19/05
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The Winstanley Clan 2005 Card

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Welcome to page three, week of 12/19/05.

Our 'from the other side of the pond' houndette, Lucy from Ireland Lucy, owners of Diana & Frank, of Dublin, Ireland.
And your point is? Oscar Wilde, owner of the Cerilli's, of RI.
What an angel Sadie, owner of Danni Hughes, of CA.
Stuck in the middle with you Franklin, Woodstock & Lucy, owners of Nanci & Rik of CA.
Clara with Clarence (ATB) Clara, owner of Jeff & Karen, of IL.
The McQuade Hounds Alexis, Belvedere, Lady Jane & Duncan the kitty, owners of Pam & Drew McQuade, of NJ.
Flash Flash, owner of Karen McKenna, of NY.
Hugo, Pw Blossom & ? cropped off by someone The "Howering" hounds, of NJ.
Franky, Vinny & Rosie Franky, Vinny & Rosie, owners of "No name on envelope", of MI.
Happy Howlidays Amanda, Noah & Zoe c@t, owners of Nancy & Rick Siderits, of PA.

The Beniak Hounds, of CA.
Four happy hounds Lilly, Boo, Lady & Sky, owners of The Eslinger Family, of AL.
Houndies from our 2004 Secret Pawtner! The Hounds of Hamilton, owners of Marilyn & Gerry Deucher, of OH.
WHERE IS HE? Baxter & Samantha, owners of Brian & Dana Shumaker, of PA.
Look me in the eyes.... Roscoe the Basset, with Patches & Gidget, owners of Vi & Doug Osborne, of NJ.
Where's Santa Paws? Summer & Baxter, owners of CeAnne Harbin, of KS.
Howdy Joey, owner of Trish & Gary Fagan, of TX.
Gina, owner of Susan Green, of NJ.
Nice set of hounds Minnie, Jake & Priscilla, owners of Ellie & Fred of PA.
Cool postcard Clyde, Clifford & Craig, Arooooooing from the Krog Street Hound Ranch, of GA.
Another Pw Pwincess Sadie, Mandy the Cocker Spaniel & Countess Penny, owners of Mary Ann Grabowski, of IN.
Great picture Rugby, Redd Leigh, Cooper & Burbank, owners of Jeff & Stace, of MI.
Pw Harley Chick & Fred with Roxy, the pointy ear dog and Goldie the horse, owners of Alice & Mike Haley, of NJ.
Henery & Princess Henery & Princess, owners of Rob & Michelle Schuster, of PA.
This is a gang The Houndsbay Gang, owners of Bob, Sallie & Sharon Powell, of OK.
Cutie Millie, owner of Suzanne Fitch, of NJ.
Arooooooing for Melba Toast.  You left us too soon, sweet houndette Melba Toast (ATB), Toshi Teryaki, Yola Bean, Billy the kitty, & Beauty Dog, owners of Sandy Gaston, of WA.
Do not disturb
Bubba, Ethel, Samantha & Molly, owners of the Woods, of FL.

It's snowing!
Sydney, Foster Kirby & P.I.T. Ella Marie, owners of The MN Woofer Household.
The culprit of lost cards
Mr Wiggles, Copper & Max, owners of Jamie Duarte, of CA.
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