Jacques and Humphrey attend the Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue Christmas Party.

Debbie and her boys. Jacques and Humphrey.
Jacques and Humphrey arrive at the Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue
Annual Basset Picnic, September 26, 2004.
The brothers Basset.
More Basset functions still to come.
Hey, there's our friends. We are good boys.
Jacques and Humphrey observe their friends arrival. Debbie gets a greeting in the background.
Such well behaved brothers.
Humphrey gets a treat. Cyndi has her hands full.
John and Cyndi Grove with their Bassets.
Cyndi with Buttons and Buddy.
Humphrey takes it all in.
Jacques and Humphrey make their first visit to one of Taz's favorite stomping grounds, Mystic Island, NJ.
Humphrey seems to understand why Taz always loved to come here to Mystic Island.
The Brothers Basset inspect the beach.
Jacques leads the way down the beach.
Jacques intensely sniffs the area, meanwhile his brother...
Humphrey surveys the situation.
Let me test the waters.....
Oh no! My ears are getting wet!
We have reached Basset depth.
That's enough for me!
Visiting new friends in Bayville, NJ.
What was that?
Humphrey being checked out by his new furfriend, J.B.
What are you doing to my big brother, J.B?
Couch Buddies.
Mom and the furkids.
Jacques in his new doggie pen.
Humphrey in the new dog yard.
The boys getting in a few sniffs.
Mr. Humphrey
Training of Food Slave.
More Food Slave training.
A little faster please!
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