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2008 Daily Drool Howliday Card Exchange Display

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The 2008 Daily Drool Howliday Card Exchange begins with the week of December 1, 2008!
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Henery & Miss Princess, owners of the Schusters of PA.

Tucker & Barney, owners of Judi & Bob Dunham of NY.

Kaitlynn Skye & Kylee Dawn, owners of Glenda Kroshus of AK.

Jasmine, owner of Tom & Jo Edwards of CA.

Timmy & Beulah, owners of Pat & Ron Bellinger of IL.

Chloe & Daisy, owners of Dianne, Steve, Allison & Jessica Buchberger of NY.

Anna, Toby & Windy, owners of Mike & Walli of NY.

Peaches, owner of Robert, Joanne & John Holland of TN.

Howard & Stanley, owners of Leslie Matthews of MA.

Lizzie & Max, owners of Alison Becker of IN.

Pearl & Bella, owners of Bob & Sharon Hall of CA.

Henry, owner of Pam Watkins of MD.

Daisy Mae & Thelma Lou,
owners of Jeff, Kathy, Daniel & Jamison Strasser of VA.

Gracie, Emmett & Sox (ATB), owners of,
Maddy, Scott & Jennifer Miller-McKay of WA.

Dexter J Hallahan, owner of Trudy Hallahan of MI.

Daisy, Dixie, Gracie & Sammie,
owners of Kim & David Brown. Card mailed from WV.

Dulcie, Ma Barker, Filbert & Daisy Kay,
owners of Tim & Liz Kielley. Card mailed from WV.

Janee & Kaley, owners of Lisa Taylor of WV.

Cassie & Sophie, owners of
Frank, Katie & Sam Lighty. Card mailed from WV.

Junior, Naughty Nessy Noodle & Taz,
owners of Siobhan Levi of MA.

Katie & Emily, owners of Kathy & Dan Sexton of MA.

Mandy, owner of the Pfeiffers of IL.

Marley owner of Mary Tassart of IL.

Toby & Hadley, owners of Nancy Schaefer of NY.

Huckleberry, Ranger & Audrey, owners of
Ruth Mayberry of MO.

Truman & Sadie owners of Steve & Joan Conrad of IA.

Buster & Daisy owners of Joseph & Kathy Ireland of PA.

Ninja, Marley & Maggie owners of
Julie Haegele of IL.

Lady, Grace, Scooby, Tia, Lenny & Willow,
owners of the Marchlewski family of MO.

Candy (GABR Foster), part owner of The Marchlewski Family of MO.

Happy Holidays from Ron & Tami Clements
with Molly, Jimmy & Sluggo.

Albee, owner of John & Denise Manna of FL.

Abigail, owner of Joan & Bob Stachnik, of FL.

Morgan, Owner of Lyn McEnaney of NV.

Ralphie & Tilly, Peony, Bella, Otis, Divi, Buster, Bailey, Spunky & Buddy,
owners of Mary & Bear Chase of NH.

Bentley, Abby, Tiffany & Belle,
owners of Holly Eveleigh of OH.

Joey, Checkers & Crispin,
owners of Ken, Sue & Karrie of IL.

Samantha, Aspen, KOta & Indiana,
owners of Karen & Ed Muchmore.

The Tank Hounds, owners of the Stokers of IN.

The K9 Casa
Rosie, Snowy, George, Spike & Gomer, owners of the Stefliks of CO.

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