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Winstanley Clan 2007 Howliday Card
The inspiration for this web page goes to Deborah Hartpence. Participating in the Howliday Card Exchange takes some time and expense. Even the short list. This time of year should also include those less fortunate than us, for whatever reasons.

So, The Winstanley Clan is offering this webpage for anyone who wants to show their Howliday Hounds.
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Due to the content of one of these cards, viewer discretion is advised.

Merry Christmas!
Wally & Roxy, loved By The Mondeauxs of Souderton Pa.

Pumpkin, Jean-Paul, Pierre, Jelly Bean, Nigel, Colette, Maxwell & Nikki,
owners of Jacquelynn Chazey.

Happy Howlidays from New Mexico. Abby, Marigold & Pumpkin owners of Judy Odenik.

Angela Basset owner of Bill, and a very distinct taste in music.

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Bonnie and Bertie,
denizens of the Guelph, Ontario, Howl-lelujah Chorus, and their choirmistress Muriel Fiona.

Pumbaa ATB & Morse, owners of Rebecca Stanton of the UK.

Huckleberry, Audrey & Ranger, owners of Don and Ruth Mayberry of Columbia, MO.

This is Duchess ATB, from Beth Hinchliffe.

Stanley & Howard, owners of Leslie Matthews.

Clara and Rolph, the reluctant Santa, owners of Sally King, step slave to Solomon and Tessie, and personal trainer to Fat Henry.


Slave to Daisy, Dixie, Sammi & Gracie


orson amy and nonsesense owners of geoff kelshaw

Oakley (I wanna be on a Howliday card next year!!!!), owner of Tawny Tamura from the Great White North.

Dixie Doodle Bug, Hunter, Opal, Riggins & Sarah Lou, owners of Jack and Sheila Gregory.

Freddie and Ellie
Freddie's dogster page http://www.dogster.com/dogs/365610
Ellie's dogster page http://www.dogster.com/dogs/365621
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