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2007 Daily Drool Christmas Card Exchange Display
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Winstanley Clan 2007 Howliday Card

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The 2007 Daily Drool Howliday Card Exchange begins with the week of November 26, 2007!
Droolers who e-mailed

PW Maggie, and Brainstormer Harley, owners of Jessica Rutan of CA.
And we come with our own recipe.
Put your mouse on our picture!

Albee, owner of John & Denise Manna of FL.

Happy Howlidays from The Gallagher Family
Nancy, Tim, Scooter - Pie, Guiness, Chairman Myao, Yukon, Bob, and Spike!

Kim & Rob Hennessey of DC sent this beautiful card, but alas, there is no houndie name mentioned.
Update: The unidentified houndie is Molly McSqueeky!!!!
Thanks Kim!

Morgan, owner of Lyn & The McEnaneys of NV.

Ellie, a GABR Foster. Her portrait was sent without someone claiming to be the foster slave.

Lady, Lenny, Willow, Scooby & Tia, owners of Eddie, Joyce & Janet Marchlewski of MO.

Daisy Mae, Scruffy, Queen Sadie Sue (ATB) & Suzie, owners of John Falk of MI.

Daisy & Buster, owners of Joe & Kathy Ireland of PA.

Roo, Emily & Rosie, owners of Kathy & Dan Sexton of MA.

Junior & Taz, owners of Siobhan, Harry, Jessica & Zach.

Sadie, Shorty & Stella, owners of Mark & Dawn Jameson of NJ.

Waletr, Jeremiah, Murphy, Nellie & Sapper, owners of and guest to Susan Intessimone of KY.

Lilie & Daffodil, owners of Katie Poore of IN.

Rockefeller & Beauregard, owners of Leigh Ann Herrin of FL.

Millie & Odessa, owners of Jackie Moment of SD.

Bosley, Molly & Tucker, owners of Paul & Mary Charbonneau of WA.

Daisy Mae, owner of Jeff & Kathy Strasser of VA.

Spunky, Willie, Bella, Divi, Otis, Buster, Bailey & Buddy, owners of Mary Terry of NH.

Joey, owner of Karrie Kuecker of IL.
We arrived first at the Winstaney Clan!
Toby & Sadie owners of Susan Randolph of VA.

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