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Post Cancer surgery in Philadelphia, 2015.

March 2015, the day after surgery. I was diagnosed with Tonsil cancer the month before.

Removed were both tonsils, part of my parynx, part of my tongue and a salivary gland.
From under the staples, I had 27 lymph nodes removed. Only one was malignant.

Welcome! Like what I've done to the place? LOL!!!
I fell from my work truck in April 2006. The injury was a torn right ACL. Did not go back to work until 8/14/06.

All this stuff stays on until Monday, 6/19. That leg brace is on top of an ace bandage, on top of an air cast on top of the bandages.

The tubing running to & from the cooler is pumping ice water through the air cast. A real neat way to apply cold compress.

Leg brace after the ACL surgery

I'm smiling now. The next two pictures are a look at what is wrapped up.

I said it was not pretty.

My right knee used to look as good as my left.

College Graduation, May 2003. You are never too old!

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