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2022 Daily Drool Howliday Card Display


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Cassie, Jojo & Boomer, owners of Chyril Sparks-Brooks of VA.

Jameson, owner of Karen & Jim Gelston of PA.

Darla & Hank, owners of Joh Falk of MI.

Inspector Clouseau, owner of Tamara & Kevin Kaizuka of CA.

Sadie & Millie, owners of Suzae Johnson of MI.

Reggie, owner of Daria & Jimmy Emma of FL.

Hubert Corbett, owner of Norie Fabor of CA.

Tallulah & Tucker, owners of Kathy Wilson of CA.

Macallan, ATB, owner of Barb Stacey of MO.

Boudreaux, Lucie, Daphne, Ysabeau, Quark, Hobo & Arnold,
owners of Christie & Seth Bradley of OR.

Hounds of BAGS Basset rescue from OH.

Sophie & Chewie, owners of Diana & Frank from Ireland.

Chomper & Samantha Jane, owners of Dale Rutz of CA.

Gypsy, Gilbert and Greta, owners of Maddy & Scott McKay of NV.

Buford, owner of the Galloways of CA.

Hammy, Rain, Scarlett & Marmalade owners of Susan Woodward from GA.

Paisley & Ranger, owners of The Strands of AZ.

Dolly, Mama, Gator, Sidney & Lilycat, owners of Angelika & John Hastings of NY.

Missed hounds of Jacquelyn Baker of WA.

Horton, owner of Pam & Drew McQuade of NJ.

Sunny, Dudley, Pauline ,Elmo, Gracie, Bosley, Yaya, Maggie, Chuck & Bob, all ATB
owners of Donna & Bill Lindy of GA.

Droopy, Thelma, Abel & Henry, all ATB, owners of Pam Watkins of NY.

Tucker, owner of Kelli & Randy Bolser in MI.

Senior Houndsabound, owners of Pat Price & Wendie Prince in FL.

Casey, Toby, Hadley & Tucker, all ATB, owners of Nancy Schaefer of CT.

Knuckles, owner of Kim Haines of PA.

Riley & Chica, owners of Denise Manna of FL.

Rosie & Grace, owners of Sharon & Bob Hall of CA.

Linus & Buddy, owners of Mary & Bear Chase of NH.

Claire, Sophie & Stella, owners of Mary & Paul Charbonneau of WA.

The Bassets of SW Colorado, owners of the Hefners.

Ebbet, Stella & Fred, owners of Ron & Tami Clements of CA.
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Nicolet the Basset, owner of Deb DeBoth of WI.

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