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2016 Daily Drool Howliday Card Exchange Display
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Roscoe & Maverick, owners of Janet Dean of TX.

Cheri & Cecil, owners of Kathryn Johnson of TX.

Beatrix, Gumbo & Gabrielle, owners of Karen Williams & Paul Dusza of TX.

Kaitlynn Skye & Kylee Dawn, owners of Glenda Kroshus of AK.

Sassafras, Aristotle & the Zoo, owners of Jessica Rutan of CA.

Jilly & Dudley, owners of Chris and Jill Jablonski of DE.

Sailor & Tuggie, owners of Candy DePaul of VT.

Jack & Yowza, owners of Sara Aipperspach of MN.

Maggie Mae & Roscoe, owners of Suzie Shell of IL.

Dylan, owner of Diane Rebhann of FL.

Hal, Heidi & Mozart, owners of Kim and Brian Dworak of WI.

Wally, owner of Mary Stange of IL.

Stonewall & Samantha, owners of Marie and Doug Paul of KS.

HRH Jenny, Hunky Hammy & Marmalade, owners of Susan Woodward of GA.

Henry, Droopy & Kitti the c@t, owners of Pam Watkins of MD.

Amos & Carly, owners of Leigh Ann Herrin & Gil Medina of FL.

Truman, owner of Beth Bilson of DE.

Sashay, owner of Marty Jacobs of GA.

Peaches & Peanutty, owners of Angelika Hastings of NY.

SSA MORGAN, owner of Marion Billy of NJ.

Sunny and Maggie, owners of Bill and Donna Lindy of GA.

Chloe, owner of Vi Osborne of NJ.

Cowboy & Rupert, owners of Kacy Green & James Galloway of CA.

Tessa & McGee, owners of Beth Fuller of AL.

Bentley, owner of Tina Curtis of CT.

Bella & Grace, owners of Sharon and Robert Hall of CA.

Anabel, owner of Steve & Joan Conrad of IA.

Mila, Mariah & Ipo, owners of
Val Brewer and Bill Zwick of HI.

Lucy, owner of Adrienne Gillespie of OR.

Emmett, Webster & Bella, Owners of Madeline Miller McKay of NV.

Hamlet and Heidi, owners of
Barbara and Jeff Hodges of CA.

Jimmy, Stella, Ebbet & Fenway,
owners of Tami & Ron Clements of CA.

Phoebe, Tilly & Harvey, owners of
Susan Autry of FL.

Meatball & Finnegan,
owners of Nancy & Jim Gallagher of PA.

Xander & Ruger (ATB), owners of Michele & Todd Swartz of IN.

The Drooligans, (No houndie names provided),
owners of Kate Lighty of PA.

Cassie, Annabelle & Hank, owners of Chyril Sparks of VA.

Albee, owner of John & Denise Manna of FL.

Bozlee (ATB) & Barney (ATB), owners of
Menzie Chase of TX.

Pico, Luna & Lola, owners of
Donna & Michael Hagerty of CA.

Nickel & Otis, owners of
John & Deborah DeBoth of WI.

Rooney & Sophie, owners of Diana & Frank of Ireland.

Tucker, owner of Nancy Schaefer of CT.

Pete, Annabelle, Bruno, Tiffin, Audrey & Gigi, owners of Ginny Tata-Phillips of VA.

Molly & Pippi, owners of Alice Haley of NJ.

Molly Mae & Daisy Mae, owners of
Roger & Connie Moen of NV.

Brianna (ATB), & Tiffany (ATB),
owners of The Shiepkos of OK.

Gumbo & Ellie, owners of Sabrina Nichols of OK.

Bailey, owner of Cynthia Martinez of TX.

Mavis, owner of Philip & Ann Sagle of VA.

Chauncey, Portis & Jenkins,
owners of Marcy & Jamie Laub of UT.

Tiffany, Abby, Bentley & Belle (ATB),
owners of Holly Eveleigh of OH.

Mollie, Radar, Finn & Jefro,
owners of Cheryl Stafford of IN.

Linus, Gracie Mae, Romeo, Nicholas Otis & Leonard,
owners of Bear & Mary of NH.

Heath, owner of Karen and Jim Gelston of PA.

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