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Jilly & Dudley, owners of Jill Jablonski of DE.

Murphy & Pollyanna Mae, owners of Brian & Annika Francis of VA.

Brother Bob Basset, Peggy Guggenheim & Sam, owners of Bobbette Morgan of TX.

Dylan, owner of Diane & John Rebhann of FL.

Why not shown? No photo in card.
Haven, Charlie, Sis, Holly, Mouse, Rock & Zane,
owners of Laura Humphreys of KY.

Petey, owner of Leslie Pimentel-Matthews of MA.

Bizzy, owner of Pam Farris of FL.

Vee Vee ATB, owner of Larry & Joey Choate of OK.

Sherman & J.R., owners of Sherry Carreon of IL.

Kylee Dawn & Kaitlynn Skye, owners of Glenda Kroshus of AK.

Sailor & Tuggie, owners of Candy & Mike DePaul of VT.

Petunia, Scooter ATB & Rocky ATB,
owners of the foster failure Kathryn Johnson of TX.

Lady, Kim, Sophie & Tucker (the cat),
owners of Janet Dean of TX.

Beatrix, Gumbo & Gabrielle, owners of Karen Williams of TX.

Tessa & McGee, owners of Beth Fuller of AL.

Leroy, owner of Lisa Cherry of AL.

Lady, James & Holly Noel, owners of Cyndi & John Grove of NJ.

Bella & Elmo, owners of Barbara Stacey of MO.

Truman, owner of Beth Bilson of DE.

Bosley, Sunny & Maggie, owners of Donna Lindy of GA.

SSA Morgan, owner of Marion Billy of NJ.

Stella, owner of Claudia & Kenneth Heath of KY.

Peaches & Peanut, owners of Angelika & John Hastings of NY.

Sassy, Teddi (ATB)& Annabella (ATB), owners of Marty Jacobs of GA.

Bailey ATB & Zoey, owners of Denise Staub of PA.

Henry, Droopy & Kitty, owners of Pam Watkins of MD.

Cowboy & Rupert, owners of Kacy Green & James Galloway of CA.

HRH Jenny, Hunky Hammy & Marmalade, owners of Susan Woodward of GA.

Sassafras, and a slew of others, owners of Jessica Rutan of CA.

Molly & Pippi, owners of Alice Haley of NJ.

Stonewall & Samantha, owners of Marie & Doug Paul of KS.

Magnolia, Ysabeau, Daphne & Casey, owners of Seth & Christie Bradley of OR.

Speedy & Rambo, owners of The Kwan Family of CA.

Jimmy, Stella, Ebbet & Fenway, owners of
Ron & Tami Clements of CA.

Jefro, Radar, Mollie & Finn,
owners of the Straffords of IN.

Fiona & Lucy, owners of Adrienne Gillespie of OR.

Sato, owner of the Loughlins of NJ.

Emmett, Daisy Mae & Webster, owners of Scott & Madeline McKay of NV.

Annabel, owner of Steve & Joan Conrad of IA.

Tucker, owner of Nancy Schaefer of CT.

Pete, Bruno, Tiffin, Annabelle, Audrey & Gigi, owners of
Rick & Ginny Phillips of VA.

Lola, Pico & Luna, owners of Donna & Mikey Hagerty of CA.

Precious, owner of Bill & June Morgan of IN.

Nicolet & Otis, owners of John & Deborah DeBoth of WI.

Linus & the wannabes, owners of Mary Chase of NH.

Albee, owner of Denise & John Manna of FL.

Teddi, Madden & Sasha, owners of Shawn & Gwen Dossey of CA.

Daisy Mae & Molly Mae, owners of Connie Moen of NV.

Chauncey, Portis & Jenkins, owners of Marcy & Jamie Laub of UT.

Heath, owner of Jim & Karen Gelston of PA.

Xander & Ruger, owners of Michelle & Todd Swartz of IN.

Domino, Checkers and Joey, owners of Susan Kuecker of IL.

Gigi, owner of Sherry & Clyde Moore of AZ.

Ellie & Gumbo, owners of Sabrina Nicholls of CA.

Daisy & Thelma, owners of Jeff & Kathy Strasser of VA.

Tiffany, Abby, Bently & Belle ATB,
owners of Holly Eveleigh of OH.

Copper and Bosco, owners of Heather and Jacob.

Roscoe P. and Maggie Mae, owners of Glenn and Suzie of IL.

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