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Jackie, Kim, Sophie & Lincoln the cat,
owners of Janet Dean of TX.

Hamlet, Heidi & Wallace the cat,
owners of Barbara & Jeff Hodges of CA.

Chunky, Olivia & Christmas,
owners of Marilyn & Gerry Deucher of OH.

Dylan, owner of Diane & John Rebhann of FL.

Harley, Cassie, Annabelle & Olivia ATB,
owners of Chyril Sparks of VA.

Jill & Dudley, owners of The Jablonski Family of DE.

Arfur & Vito, owners of Bill & Beth Howering of NJ.

Taro & Freckles, owners of Tamara & Kevin of CA.

Seth, Christie, Casey, Ysabeau, Daphne Maggie & Pi,
owners of Seth Bradley of OR.

Maggie Mae& Roscoe P. Shell, owners of Glendal Shell of IL.

Bob & Peggy, owners of Bobbette & Ruth of TX.

The Robison Bassets, owners of Melinda of OH.

Samantha & Stonewall, owners of Doug & Marie Paul of KS.

Elmo Bella, owner of Barb Stacey of MO.

Molly, Jimmy & Stella, owners of Ron & Tami Clements of CA.

Pippi, Ted & Molly, owners of Alice & Mike Haley of NJ.

Tessa & McGee, owners of Beth Fuller of AL.

Jack & Yowsa, owners of Sara & Matt Aipperspach of MN.

Sherman & Jr, owners of Phillip & Sherry Carreon of IL.

Gracie May & Lightning, owners of The Cornells of NY.

Matilda, owner of Lino & Suzae of IL.

Emmett, Webster & Daisy Mae, owners of The McKays of NV.

King George E. Grunt, Jasmine Annie, Lucy, Tater, June Bug And Sarah,
owners of Kay Jordan of TX.

ATB: Lola & VeeVee, waiting for Larry & Joey Choate of OK.

Sailor & Tug, owners of Mike & Candy DePaul of VT.

The Havasu Hounds, owners of Janis Wetherbee of NV.

Bella & Grace, owners of Bob & Sharon Hall of CA.

Teddi, Madden & Sasha, owners of Gwen & Shawn Dossey of CA.

ATB; Teddy, Melody, Casey, Lucy & Molly,
waiting for Glenda Eubank of KS.

Tucker, owner of Nancy Schaefer of CT.

Abby, owner of Kathy & Jim of WI.

Fred & Nicolet, owners of John & Deborah DeBoth of WI.

Norm& Gilligan, owners of Mary & Jeff Tassart of IL.

Daisy Mae & Thelma Lou, owners of Kathy & Jeff Strasser of VA.

Emma, Crispin, Hammy, Joey, Checkers & Domino,
owners of Susan Kuecker of IL. of

Albee, owner of John & Denise Manna of FL.

Pico, Luna & Lola, owners of The Hagertys of CA.

Tiffany, Abby, Belle & Bentley,
owners of Holly Eveleigh of OH.

Ellie & Gumbo, owners of Sabrina Nicholls & Allan Der of CA.

Fiona & Lucy, owners of Adrienne Gillespie of OR.

Kylee Dawn & Kaitlynn Skye, owners of
Glenda Kroshus of AK.

Bear, owner of The Chase Family of NH.

Daisy Mae & Molly Mae, owners of The Moens of NV.

Aiken, Raleigh & Nora Anne, owners of the Marci & Charles of GA.

Heath, owner of The Gelstons of PA.

Bently, owner of the Curtis Family of CT.

The Basset Plantation of VA.

Ruger & Xander, owners of the Howling Hound Acres of IN.

Speedy & Rambo, owners of the Kwan Family of CA.

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