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Honey Bea, Holly Noel & James, owners of Cyndi & John Grove of NJ.

Yowza & Jack, owners of Matt & Sara Aipperspach of MN.

Murphy & Polly, owners of Brian & Annika Francis of VA.

Odessa, Millie & Dudley, owners of Jackie Moment of SD.

Penny, Princess, Lola, Luna & Pico, owners of The Hagerty Family of CA.

Maggie Mae & Roscoe P., owners of Glenn & Suzie Shell of IL.

Basset Butts!
Rosie, McGee & Tessa, owners of Beth Fuller of AL.
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Drake, Phoebe & Brunswick, owners of
Jennifer & David Pfliger of Kelowna, BC Canada.

Tony, owner of the Emma Family of FL.

Mabel, Daisy, Maggie& Bailey, owners of Hugh & Nancy Wiltse of PA.

Elmo, owner of Barbara Stacey of MO.

Speedy & Rambo, owners of The Kwan Family of CA.

Noodle, Gigi & Beau, owners of Chambers Family o OK.

Colt& Ruger, owners of The Swartz Family of IN.

Albee, owner of John & Denise Manna of FL.

Jack, owner of the Spera Family of PA.

Thelma & Henry, owners of Pam Watkins of MD.

Winston & Sadie, owners of Ken & Claudia Heath of MD.

Molly, Stella & Jimmy, owners of Ron & Tami Clements of CA.

Molly, Pippy, Harley Chick & Fred,
owners of Mike & Alice Haley of NJ.

Dylan, owner of Diane & John Rebhann of FL.

Brody & Truman, owners of Steve & Joan Conrad of IA.

Daisy Mae, Emmit & Webster, owners of The McKay Family of WA.

Sadie Mae, Lightning & Gracie Mae, owners of Stephanie Cornell of NY.

Bella & Gracie, owners of the Hall Family of CA.

Daisy Mae,& Hank the Tank, owners of The Moen Family of NV.

Barney & Maggie Mildred, owners of The Smith Family of RI.

The Fieldman's of DE.

Izzy & Eddie, owner of The Vogel Family of OH.

Rudy, owner of The Mayer Family of OH.

Tug & Sailor, owners of the DePaul Family of VT.

Cassie, Annabelle, Olivia & Harley,
owners of the Sparks Family of VA.

Stonewall & Samantha, owners of the Paul family of KS.

Barkley, owner of the Curtis Family of CT.

Wilma & Patsy, owners of Paul & Veronica of NS, CA.

Alvin, owner of Lori Cooksey of AL.

Fiona & Gillespie, owners of Adrienne Gillespie of OR.

Heath, owner of Jim & Karen Gelstons of PA.

Rufus, Honey, Cricket, Jack, Reesa, Daisy & Dudley,
owners of Melinda & Mark Robison of OH.

Bentley, Belle, Tiffany & Abby, owners of,
Holly Eveleigh of OH.

Norm & Cliff, owners of Mary & Jeff Tassart of IL.

Hannah & Ryan, owners of John & Deborah DeBoth of WI.

Beatrix & Hazel, owners of Sheryl Peet Scherba of NJ.

The Basset plantation of Rick and Ginny Tata-Phillips of VA.

The Kuecker Bassets of Il.

King George E Grunt and the rest of the Jordans of TX.

Daisy Mae & Thelma Lou, owners of the Strassers of UA.

Bailey, owner of the Chase Family of NH.

Leon & Debbie
Tabernacle, NJ
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