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Winstanley Clan 2010 Howliday Card

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We are card 76, and the top of page one.  Page 2 and more coming soon.
Daizy, Clyde, & Oliver, owners of Dave & Pam Chesser of CO.

Charles, Daisy-Kay, Filbert, Felix & Ma Barker Kielley.

The Lighty Family of PA.

Major, owner of the Echelbarger Family of MN.

Kenna Cooley, owner of the Eubank Family of KS.

Wednesday & Booty of AL.

Chloe & Daisy, owners of the Buchberger Family.

Love, Windy, Toby, Annie & Flash D.

Steven, Buddy, Buster T, Shelby, Benjamin, Hershey & Caley the foster.

Steven, Buddy, Buster T, Shelby, Benjamin, Hershey & Caley the foster.

Sister Belle, Tia, Lady, Grace, Boomer, J-Dog & Wolfgang,
owners of Jan & Joyce Marchlewski of MO.

Pearl & Bella, owners of Robert & Sharon Hall of CA.

Alice ATB, Maggie & Bailey, owner of Nancy Wiltse of PA.

Ellie, Hailey & Buddy, owners of Sabrina & Allan Nichols of CA.

Truman & Brody, owners of Steve & Joan Conrad of IA.

Speedy & Rambo, owners of David & Nancy Kwan of CA.

Baby, Belle, Beau & Bonnie,
owners of Chuck & Suzanne Dempsey of GA.

Hudson, Honey, Rosie & Wally, owners of JP & Alexa Paul of WA.

Hank & Molly, owners of Connie & Roger Moen of NV.

Truman, owner of Jim & Karen Gelston of PA.

Abbie, Annabella & Hannah are the Wood House Hounds of FL.

Max, Remy, Gilbert & Gus.

Bob & Maggie, owners of Bobbette of TX.

Bluegrass Fred, Kahuna & Zuma, owners of Synthia of NV.

Lizzy & Mr Darcy, owners of Clyde & Sherry Moore of AZ.

Gus, owner of Susan Willell of MA.

Henry & Thelma, owners of Pam Watkins of MD.

Quincy & Norman, owners of Lynn & Ken Kirby of MI.

Jimmy, Stella, Gusso & Molly, owners of the Clements of CA.

The Crickenberger Gang of GA.

Casper, Teddi & Madden, owners of the Dossey Family of CA.

Countess Penny, owner of Mary Ann Grabowski of IN.

Vito, Arf & Hugo, owners of Beth & Bill Howering of NJ.

Roscoe, Chloe, Patches & Gidget, owners of Vi Osborne of NJ.

Lily, Samba & Mr Brown, owners of the Hanks of NY.

Lola, Princess, Sophie, Penny & Meaghan,
owners of Donna & Michael Hagerty of CA.

Emmett, Daisy Mae & Webster, owners of M Miller-McKay of WA.

Dutchess & King Thomas, owners of The Shultzs of MI.

Toby & Hadley, owners of Nancy Schaefer of CT.

The Masterpiece Bassets, owners of Debbie Johnson of WI.

Sir Hambone (1962-1975), owner of Carol Stead of AZ.

Maggie Mae & Roscoe P Glenn, owners of Glendal Shell of IL.

Mandy & Walter, owners of Carrie Rasmussen of IL.

Norm & Cliff, owners of Mary, Jeff & JJ Tassart.

Jack & Yowza, owners of Sara Aipperspach of MN.

Teddy & Izzy, owners of Beth Vogel of OH.

Pw Lily Girl ATB, Rudy, Murph, Penelope & Phoebe, owners of the Mayers.

Lambchop, Ruby, Abbey, Sara & Horn, James & Walter,
owners of William & Renee Kummerer of PA.

Arthur & Barney, owners of Maria Graham of IL.

Diesel & Charlie, owners of Bill & Jean Richardson of OR.

Peaches, owners of The Holland Family of TN.

Buffy, owner of Marty Lambert of GA.

Flash & Wilma, owners of Paul & Veronica of Nova Scotia.

Holly, Gracie & Anna, owners of Anita Woodrum of TX.

Bone-jour from Dame Penny and Miss Polly of France.

Abby, owner of Marin Roberts of CA.

Fiona & Lucy, owners of Adrienne Gillespie of OR.

The Lowrider Mutts, owners of Tamara Kaizuka of CA.

King George E Grunt, Lucy, "PIT" Riley & Jasmine Annie,
owners of Kay Jordan of TX.

Albee, owner of John & Denise Manna of FL.

Blue, owner of Steve & Susan Tonjes of CA.

Blossom & Elmo, owners of Barb & Tom of MO.

Fred, owner of John & Deborah DeBoth of WI.

A Chazey Basset, of NY.

Owner of Nancy Gallagher of PA.

Harley & Bo, owners of Val Brewer & Bill Zwick of HI.

Daisy & Jack, owners of Sam & Deb Spera of PA.

Shelby, Marley, Maggie & Ninja, owners of Julie Haegele of IL.

Ruger & Colt, owners of Santa Paws of FL.

Top: Crispin, Checkers & Domino, owners of
Ken & Sue of Mishgun.
Bottom: Joey & Emma, owners of
Karrie Kuecker of Dundee, IL.

Louie, owner of Sue Nickle & Bill Gabb of FL.

Lucy, Bella Boo, Buddy Dawg, Bailey, Ralphie, Divi, Otis, Peony & Spunky,
owners of Mary Chase of NH.

Belle, Bentley, Tiffany & Abby, owners of The Eveleigh's of OH.

April & Jackie, owners of Robert Lyons of VT.

Bruno, Rudy, Pete, Hannah & Duffy,
owners of Ginny Tata-Phillips of FL.

Kylee Dawn & Kaitlynn Skye, owners of Glenda Kroshus of AK.

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