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2007 Daily Drool
Christmas Card Exchange Display, page 5

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The 2007 Daily Drool Howliday Card Exchange.
Welcome to the fifth and final page for the 2007 Howliday Cards.
It has been fun, and a pleasure to show all the cards.

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Winstanley Clan 2007 Howliday Card
Droolers who e-mailed

Happy holidays from the Tracy Hound Ranch
from the food slaves Tom & Sherry of OH.

Scully, Sophie, Albert & Gracie,
owners of Denise & Candice MD.

Gabby & Patch, owners of Janice Peterson of OR.

Max, owner of The Parsons of NY.

Maddie Lou, owner of Regina Spradlin.

Happy Howlidays Jaime Brigance & Family.

Bou, Ellie, Bogie, Dixie & Little Bit,
owners of William & Kathy Foerster of AL.

Woof Days to all.
Mike & Cindy Foxhoven and
the 5 Iowa Hounds.

Esa & Vinny owners of Vickie Zehring of PA.

King George E. Grunt, Lucy & PIT Riley,
owners of Kay Jordan of TX.

Panama Jacques, owner of Sherrily Wilson of
WAY south of the border.

Bob the DOg, Jasmine & Benny,
owners of Bob & Kathy Nali of WA.

Max the Hound, owner of Jacquelyn Baker of PA.

Mowgli & Baloo, owners of Anne-Marie.

Amanda & Noah Basset, Jake Wannabe & Zoe c@t,
owners of Nancy & Rick Siderits of PA.

Zephyr, Fred & Marley,
owners of Donna & Bob Funk.
BTW Great Coffee!

Buford, Fuse & Cletus,
owners of Todd & Michele Stowe of IA.

"Happy Howlidays from Miss Flash, Stripe & Asher" Tracy Alexander of TN.

Gus & Tallulah, owners of Patty Crawford of WA.

Fred, Earl, Stuart * Bob-a-licious
owners of Joni & Gary Thomas of WA.

Zoey, owner of Lynn & Linda Ferrell of IA.

Clarence, Bagels, Pearl & Waldo,
owners of The Lartigues of FL.

Quincey, Juliet & Alexis,
owners of Holly & Mark Simpson of MD.

Wendell, Bailey, Sparkey & Bilbo
owners of Heather Lessely of IL.

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